Hayley Common Condominium 

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Welcome to Hayley Common Condo Corporation. We are located in Ile des Chenes, Manitoba

This site is for the Hayley Common condo owners and tenants.

We hope to set up a directory of trades in the area and within the complex. If you would like to share your information, have something to sell, or search for services or items, please email us at hayleycommon@gmail.com

The Board: 

Pat Lloyd - President

Brian Fox - Treasurer/Maintenance

Doug Mabb - Handy Man

Lynda Jackson - Temporary Secretary

Our property manager is Gordon Macpherson at Northtowne: 

Email: gordon@northtowne.ca   phone: 204 782 3757

Owners are requested to contact Gordon for most questions and concerns. 

For parking and overnight Visitor Parking, please contact the Board. Hayleycommon@gmail.com

DD Towing: 204 470 0314


We are in the process of getting quotes for replacing all dead shrubs. The dead lilacs on the perimeter will be replaced with maples.
The grass is just starting to grow in, nicely  We have had some seeding done and will continue.  However, the grass in the area to the north of the garages continues to be a challenge with the grit and salt as a result of the snow being stored there.  Plans to replace this with gravel is in the works.
The complete absence of any underground drainage system on the central parking lots is causing major issues for the garage flooding and the asphalt continues to sink into the inadequate base installed by the developer. We have asked Northtowne to seek out a quote to have an engineer assess and come up with a long term plan.
This also affects the sidewalks which go up two or more inches in the winter when the frost is present. This action is also making the sidewalks crack and the doors not fit any more. 
Some intercom systems are still not working well.  We have asked several experts in the field and they have explained that they are very old models. The wires are getting corroded and shorting.  We are waiting for more information as to whether they can be fixed or will need to be replaced. 
Thanks for your attention.

Community Page  

Parking stall for rent::stall 178 -$70/mth. Can discuss 6 month or one year agreement. 

Stucco paint repairs are scheduled for sometime in July. Residents in A, B & C may remove numbers from their windows for now.  Thanks.