Hayley Common Condominium 

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Rules and Regulations
The new Board has been diligent in educating people about the various aspects of the legal documents through notices. We hope that this website and our new rules will be sufficient now and further notices will be kept to a minimum. From here on in, we will deal directly with any resident about violations.
 If you have any complaints about another resident, please email or send a letter to Northtowne, not the Board, unless you do not receive the appropriate response.  
It's important ro note that like any community, some people prefer a laissez-faire approach while others like a solid and clearly defined structure.  It's sometimes difficult to maintain a balance, however, we should all try to be respectful. 

Hayley Common Declaration

Hayley Common By-Laws

Annual General Meeting

Please note that the Annual General Meeting will be called for some time in September this year.

There are several reasons for this.

1. We have hired Price Waterhouse Coopers to complete a thorough audit as we have never had one.  They looked at the accounts and advised us they would like to see three years of accounts including this fiscal year which ends June 30. The Board is reluctant to present a budget until this is completed.

2. We hope to bring on more people, but as summer is so precious, we felt that more people would be around in September.

3. The current Board is small but is functioning well and we would like to see some projects through. these include the garage and parking lot flooding and cracking issues, and landscaping. Our onsite Handyman, Doug is an incredible asset and provides excellent and prompt service at a fraction of the cost paid out in previous years. 

The stucco paint issues are still being dealt with, but the good news is that there is only one additional wall identified last year.  

We will be looking for people who are willing to fill vacant positions that may be present, such as Treasurer and Secretary. We are compelled to have these positions as well as President and Vice President.  Each of us have areas of specialty, so the positions are a lot of work all on a volunteer basis.

Paint Colours for Units. please open up the link.

The new Rules and Regulations take effect as of February, 2019
The new rules were based on the precious editions with some clarification and a couple of new elements.  However, some of the newer parts were added to allow people to know what is in the other legal documents.  We have found that most people do not read them, and therefore, are ignorant of a number of rules. For example the registration of pets has always been in the Declaration:

(ii} After possession from the Board. 

f)  No owner shall at any time have or permit to be in any unit, or upon the Common Elements, any animals or domestic pets unless permitted in writing by the Board. In the event the Board allows and animal or domestic pet to be in any unit the following provisions to apply,

i)  no such pet shall be allowed on any part of the Common Elements except on a leash and the owner thereof shall at all times be responsible for ensuring that no feces or other waste are permitted to be left on the Common Elements;

ii) at all times, the owner or other person in control of any permitted pet as aforesaid shall ensure that all other unit owners, their tenants and others claiming lawfully under and through them are not disturbed, annoyed or embarrassed by such pets aforesaid and that such pets aforesaid do not cause any disturbance, nuisance or embarrassment upon or in any part of the Property.

iii)  if any pet is at any time deemed by the Board, in its absolute discretion, to be a nuisance, either because of its conduct while in the Common Elements or because its conduct within the unit constitutes an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of the other units or the Common Elements, such pet shall, forthwith upon written notice from the Board, be removed permanently from the Property. In the event that the Board deems a pet or pets to be a nuisance to the other owners, in respect of which decision the Board shall have absolute discretion, it shall give notice in writing to the unit owner who owns such pet or pets and such owner shall, Within thirty (30) days of receipt of such written notice. permanently remove such pet or pets from the unit and the Common Elements. All costs incurred by the Condominium Corporation

Te Declaration is similar to a constitution.  It is the main 'bones' of the Corporation. It is very difficult and expensive to change them. All owners were given a copy at the time of signing.

The By-Laws  are  more detailed extension of the Declaration.  Changes can be made with a vote at an AGM or special meeting.  Again, all owners were give this document and signed accordingly. 

Duties of the Corporation:

    a)  The Corporation has the following duties in addition to those specified by the Act, and amendments thereto, the Declaration and amendments thereto:

    b) To collect and receive all contributions towards the common expenses paid by the unit owners or from the mortgagees if the same are collected by the mortgagee and deposit the same in a separate account with a chartered bank, or trust company;

      c)  To take out and maintain in force a policy or policies of insurance as required by the Declaration and such additional insurance as the Board may from time to time determine;c)To maintain such staff as may be required to at all time promptly and efficiently carry out its duties in the management of the property;                                                                                      d)  To effect compliance by the owners of units with the Act, and Declaration and the By-laws

      e) To enter into an agreement to provide gardening service to the non-exclusive common elements;

        f) To enter into an agreement to provide snow removal from the sidewalks, roadways and parking areas within the common elements; and; 

        g) To collect and receive all contributions to the reserve fund of the Corporation, and to deposit and invest same in a special account, in trust, in accordance with the Act and the Declaration.