Hayley Common Condominium 

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What is a Condominium Corporation?


A Condominium Corporation is the entire group of individual home units along with the land upon which the unit sits. The ownership of the individual home is composed of only of the space within the boundaries of the home.

A Condominium Corporation is run by elected members of the Board who manage the complex legally, physically, and financially.  It has similar authority and powers to a municipality.

The Board must;

  1. represent all owners in order to protect their investments and property;
  2. adhere to all legal obligations, as set out in the Declaration, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. Both the Declaration and By-Laws may only be changed with the approval of the Owners at a special meeting.  The Rules and Regulations may be changed after the Owners have been notified and a period of thirty days has passed with no party disputing any changes;
  3. enforce all aspects of the legal documents in a fair and equitable manner
  4. ire a management company, as required;
  5. maintain the physical complex in a general day to day basis as well as proactively to mitigate major repairs being required in the future;
  6. collect all fees as determined by a budget, which is passed by the Board. Owners will be notified of new budgets;
  7. ensure all accounts are properly processed and reported and an audit is performed every year;
  8. research all potential contractors to show their services or products are the best and at the best price.
  9. monitor all contractors to ensure work is performed to satisfaction and quotes are reasonable as work is performed;
  10. attend to any complaints made by Owners in a fair and respectful matter when complaints have not been satisfactorily attended to by the Property Manager.

What is a Common Area or Element
Common areas are anything outside the the walls of units owned by the owner. This includes hallways, stairwells, patios and balconies, grounds, parking lots and garages. The land belongs to the Corporation which represents all owners. An element is one of the items previously listed. 
Patios, balconies, garages and parking stalls belong to the Corporation but a permit to use these areas exclusively can be purchased.  This is similar to renting a parking spot down town.  You pay to use the space exclusively but the land is owned by a corporation. 
Condo fees pay for the maintenance and improvements of these common areas. The Corporation has the right to make rules to maintain the common areas which includes those that the owner has exclusive rights.  Snow clearing the lot is the responsibility of the Corporation. The Corporation can expect all vehicles to move to clear the lot as required and can tow people who do not when reasonable notice is given. the same applies to derelict, (including those not in working order) and uninsured vehicles. 
Balconies and patios are for relaxation and should not be used for storage of garbage, recycling, appliances, or other articles that should be stored elsewhere. All pet feces should be cleaned up immediately.