Hayley Common Condominium 

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Intercom and main door issues. 

Here is a message from Brian who has been checking into the various issues.

A brief summary of the entry systems review is that I’m waiting for follow up information from two potential partners capable of installing and maintaining all kinds of entry systems. This includes, but is not limited to, changing to an electronic access (fob or card) system. There is a third potential partner i intend to contact when I get home. In addition to the access system I’m also awaiting pricing on servicing and parts for the existing intercom system. It’s critical from both a security and potential change to electronic access that the intercom system is fully functional. This doesn’t necessarily mean perfect voice (chat?) capability but it does mean all electronic strikes are working.
In addition to looking at future changes we are actively reviewing existing door and lock mechanisms on a regular (almost daily) basis and repairing or servicing as required. As our buildings are “slab on grade” construction it literally means the buildings are lying on the ground. Any and all ground shifting sometimes leads to doors and in fact complete entryways going out of square resulting in sticking doors or doors that won’t close properly. 

Residents continually using the key to pull open the doors causes the lock cylinders to go out of alignment again resulting in locks that don’t function perfectly. We get these repaired or replaced as required resulting in extra expense and inconvenience.